Serving the Community Since 1956

Serving the Community Since 1956

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

4 Ways to Improve Your Respiratory Health

How many breathes do you take in a day?
  • 10,000
  • 20,000
  • 50,000
Every day the average person takes in about 20,000 breathes using our uniquely designed respiratory symptom - nose, throat, voice box, windpipe and lungs.
There are many things that can affect our breathing quality.
  • Genetics
  • Disease
  • Air Quality/Pollutants
  • Personal Choices
Many of the factors are beyond our control, but there are 4 simple ways you can improve your respiratory health.
  1. Maintain a healthy weight - excess weight puts more pressure on your lungs which makes them work harder and less efficiently.
  2. Don't Smoke - simply, smoking damages lungs and can increase your risk of disease significantly.
  3. Hydrate - drinking plenty of water daily helps to maintain a thin consistency to the mucus lining your lungs. Dehydration can cause the mucus to thicken and result in slowing down overall respiration, and being more susceptible to illness.
  4. Challenge your lungs -  exercise, breathing exercises to increase lung capacity and lung function will promote overall respiratory health.
For more information contact MMHD Respiratory Department

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