Serving the Community Since 1956

Serving the Community Since 1956

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Can you go a day without your smartphone, tablet or other electronic device? It's a tough question, but one experts say we should all consider. "Unplugging" can have many benefits. Aside from re-establishing a social and personal connection with family and friends, there are several other reasons you might want to turn the phone off.

One suggestion is to turn off our gadgets in the evenings after work. When the workday is over - forget about work.

Benefits of turning it off...

  • Stress Recovery - you really do need down time to recover and prepare for the next day. It is important to draw a line between work and home.

  • Multi-tasking doesn't always work - don't try to respond to texts, emails and social media while making dinner, eating dinner of watching television with your family. Designate family time - it will reap benefits.

  • Internet Addiction??? There is nothing more to say, if you cannot give it up for the evening, there may be an issue.

  • Sleep Issues - regularly using or technological devices at night has been link to sleep disorders, depression and stress. Research has shown that the light alone that is put off by tablets may be linked to reduced serotonin (sleep hormone) after 2 hours of use.

  • Un-plugging will make you nicer - a study last year showed that when people are using their smartphones excessively, they are less likely to be good to others.  
Challenge: Try Un-plugging a night or tow this week and see how it goes.

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