Serving the Community Since 1956

Serving the Community Since 1956

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Need a Drink?

Here's a quick simple list of beverages that could help with a variety of things.

To Build Muscle — Milk
To Lose Weight — Green Tea/Grapefruit Juice
To Recover — Water/Chocolate Milk/Sports Drink
For a Run — Water/Tart Cherry Juice/Coconut Water
For Muscle Cramps — Pickle Juice
For an Upset Stomach — Ginger Ale
For a Head Cold — Lemon and Honey Tea
For a Cough — Honey
For a Sore Throat — Turmeric Tea
For Mouth Sores — Coconut Milk
For Constipation — Aloe
For Sleepiness — Coffee/Water
To Fall Asleep — Tart Cherry Juice/Warm Milk/Chamomile
To Lift Spirits — Lemon Balm Tea
For Digestion — Water/Herbal Tea
For Spicy Food — Milk/Yogurt
For a Hangover — Water/Orange Juice/Banana Smoothie
For Dehydration — Coconut Water
For Bad Breath — Water
For Hunger — Milk
For Gas and Bloating — Water with Baking Soda


Please note: MMHD is not recommending or endorsing the above list.

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